Here are some businesses and people we personally recommend for guitar making supplies, information, and inspiration:

Russell Guitars Photos
In case you missed the links elsewhere on the site, here is the link to the Russell Guitars related sets on Flickr.com.

Allied Luthiery
Guitar building supplies in Healdsburg, Sonoma County, CA.

Luthiers Mercantile International, Inc.
Guitar building supplies in Windsor, Sonoma County, CA. This company presents and organizes the Healdsburg Guitar Festival.

Hawaiian Hardwoods Direct
Steve Schaefer's amazing Hawaiian tonewoods for great prices, based in Dufur, OR.

Spruce Tonewood
Mario DaCosta's ecological spruce harvesting and sales, based in Terrace, BC.

Duke of Pearl
The legendary Duke Chuck and Duchess Cheryl offer an array of shell inlay materials.

Rescue Pearl
Shell inlay materials, based in Rescue, CA.

Andy DePaule's Luthier Supply
Shell inlay products for instrument makers, based in Eugene, OR.

Jason Lollar Pickups
Exceptional hand-wired pickups.

V Picks
Assortment of excellent picks for all styles of playing. Highly recommended.

Lava Cable
High-end guitar, microphone, and speaker cable from around the world.

Healdsburg Guitar Festival
Over 130 luthiers show guitars in Santa Rosa, CA, every other August - 2009 is an on year!

13th Fret
Acoustic guitar discussion forum, Artist of the Month, articles, links.

The Gear Page
Forum on guitars and all guitarist gear; a very active, helpful community.

Acoustic Guitar Magazine
Reviews, techniques, tips, sheet music, and more.

Guild of American Luthiers
Resources for guitar builders, including the quarterly journal, "American Luthier."

Schoenberg Guitars
Highest level modern hand-made guitars informed by the spirit of the pre-war classics. James Russell is one of the Schoenberg luthiers.

Vintage and Rare
Fine instruments straight from builders and dealers, Russell guitars included.

Jason Schroeder Guitars
Exceptional custom electric guitars, hand-made in Redding, CA.

Carl Verheyen
Hands down, one of the truly great guitarists of our time.