Custom Hand Made Russell Guitars

Custom Handmade Guitars, Basses, and Ukuleles by James Russell

Steel String, Classical and Nylon String, Archtop, and Electric Guitars
Electric Upright Basses and Concert Ukuleles

Russell Guitars features high-end, hand crafted guitars, basses, and ukuleles designed and built by James Russell of Redding, California. Guitar styles include several models of steel string guitars, nylon string and classical, archtop, electric T-style and semi-hollow body guitars. Basses feature a vertical electric bass model. Russell Guitars has recently introduced high-end concert ukuleles to the instrument lineup.

Russell Guitars offers rich, balanced voice, clarity, and resonance, fine sculpting and craftsmanship, and beautiful designs. James Russell goes the extra several miles to create beautiful instruments by designing and building with great attention to detail. All instruments are made with only master grade woods and materials. In his desire for highest quality craftsmanship, James creates his jigs, cuts his bindings, slots his fretboards, and miters with a perfectionist's attention. All who see and play James' instruments are impressed with not only the overall beauty and sound of them, but the extent to which he goes to achieve these ends and the love and care he puts into each one.

Russell Fillmore Electric Guitar Russell Portland Semi-Hollow Body Guitar Russell Telemark T Style Electric Guitar Russell Deep Lake with Elliptical Sound Hole Russell Waimea Slack Key Guitar Russell Cascade Jumbo Guitar Russell Red Molly Electric Guitar Russell Deep Lake Guitar Russell Little Meadow Guitar Russell Ave Canora Classical Guitar Russell Gnomon Bass Guitar Russell Nouveau Nylon Guitar Russell Ave Canora Guitar