The Little Meadow is a small jazz fingerstyle steel string guitar with a 14" lower bout. The neck joins the body at the 14th fret. The soundboard of this particular Little Meadow is Alaskan Cypress, sometimes called Alaskan Yellow Cedar. It gives a bright, extremely clear, "chimey," balanced sound. There is absolutely no "mush." With a dual pickup system installed it amplifies beautifully for stage performance. A soundboard of Alaskan Cedar makes an excellent guitar for group playing as the notes and chords are clearly distinguished from the other instruments. With its rich, acoustic resonance and clarity, it is also a great model for singer-songwriters. The bridge and fingerboard on this guitar are made of Madagascar Rosewood, as are the the binding, headplate, the neck end cap, and the end graft.


This view shows its Koa back and sides and Madagascar Rosewood binding.
The neck is carved Honduran Mahogany with a Madagascar heel cap.


The end graft is made of Madagascar Rosewood to match the binding, bridge, fingerboard, and headplate. All the purflings are hand mitered.


This Koa Little Meadow has a sound port on the upper shoulder which acts as a personal sound monitor for the player. Sound ports actually slightly raise the decibel level in the room for all listeners.


The headplate is made of bookmatched Madagascar Rosewood. There is
hand mitered purfling (black-maple-black) around the perimeter.
The tuners on this particular guitar are Gotoh.


This shows the back of the Honduran Mahogany upper neck and
headstock with the Gotoh tuners.


A three ring abalone rosette was inlaid on the soundboard. There are several rosette options for this model. A closeup of the Madagascar fretboard reveals Madagascar bound edges, with purfling. All Russell guitars have bound fretboards, so the edges are smooth and the ends of the frets are not visible. The purfling detail is optional.


This bridge is made of Madagascar Rosewood and matches the other Madagascar accents on the guitar.